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“Christine delivers … Whether you are struggling with your behavior or the behaviors of others, this book will become a great resource for your family, friends and co-workers.”   
Daniel G. Amen, M.D. CEO and Founder, Amen Clinics
Author, Your Brain Is Always Listening


Identifying Family Secrets That Breed Dysfunction

Some abuse is dangerously obvious, while other types of abuse creep into our family DNA in covert ways. Keeping family secrets, intimidation, the “Silent Treatment” and “Cyberbullying” are just a few examples of many forms of abuse with troubling outcomes. Often victims ask, “Why did this happen to me?” Or “What can I do?” While abusers will excuse their behavior asking, “Why do you make me do this?” Victims and abusers can rewrite their stories, improve their relationships and break the cycle for their future generations.


  • The wide range of Types of Abuse, both overt and covert
  • The generational links to abuse
  • What to do before, during and after abuse
  • How to confront your abuser
  • How to talk to a victim of rape
  • Finding forgiveness despite the pain
  • How to re-write your story, avoid future problems
  • And much, much more!

What Others Are Saying:

“Christine has extensive expertise in this field, and she serves as your thoughtful, compassionate therapist who will take you into a space where restoration of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being is possible.”
Kristen Willeumier, Ph.D. Neuroscientist Author, Biohack Your Brain  

“Christine delivers a clear explanation of how abuse affects the brain, while showing practical ways to heal the brain and improve lives. Whether you are struggling with your behavior or the behaviors of others, this book will become a great resource for your family, friends and co-workers.”   
Daniel G. Amen, M.D. CEO and Founder, Amen Clinics
Author, Your Brain Is Always Listening

“Christine brings home the fact that domestic violence leads to a variety of problems. I recommend Christine’s book because she addresses both the victim and the abuser, while giving the brain its due credit.”
Harry Kerasidis, M.D. Neurologist based in Maryland, Author, Concussion-ology  

“Abuse comes in many shapes and sizes, and Christine manages to identify many common, and not-so-common forms which disrupt a healthy outlook and opportunity in life…I highly recommend this book to anyone affected by, aware of, or going through abuse!”
Heather M. Browne, Psy.D. Psychotherapist and Founder, The Healing Heart Author and Poet, Directions of Folding  

“Christine writes about all kinds of abuse including how drugs and alcohol can impair the judgement of the victim and abuser. In my line of work, helping people overcome addictions, I see abuse virtually every day and the related consequences on relationships, work and home life. She provides clear guidance, as well as hope, which is absolutely critical when stuck in an abusive relationship.”
Justin Daniels, Founder, Defining Wellness
Best-selling author, No More Vodka In My Orange Juice

“Christine’s help was an eye opener for me. She helped me identify dynamics in my family relationships that were very unhealthy, while helping me become stronger as a person.”
Paula R. Orlando, Florida  

“Christine’s work has been, and continues to be a life line, helping me through difficult family situations.”
Rachel Rees Swansea, Wales UK

“Christine is one of the most intuitive and compassionate women that I know.” 
Allison Caruana, Author of Where am I, 40 Day Devotional for Trauma Survivors.


Free. Grow. Inspire.
Christine Hammond is a leading mental health influencer, author, and guest speaker. As an author of the award-winning The Exhausted Woman’s Handbook and more than 500 articles, Christine also has more than one million people downloading her podcast Understanding Today’s Narcissist and more than 400,000 views on YouTube.

Her practice specializes in treating families of abuse, and trauma, with personality disorders involved which are based on her own personal experience.

Her new book, Abuse Exposed: Identifying Family Secrets that Breed Dysfunction is available now!

Christine is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Qualified Supervisor by the State of Florida, a National Certified Counselor, Certified Family Trauma Professional, with extensive training in crisis intervention and peaceful resolution.

She specializes in psychotherapy with families in transition, trauma, personality disorders, and addictions. Christine provides family and individual therapy using evidence-based psychotherapy methodology. She provides parent coordination, reunification therapy, mediation, and functions as a collaborative mental health neutral.

Licenses / Certifications

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida, MH11700
National Board Certified Counselor by National Board of Certified Counselors
Qualified Parenting Coordinator
Collaborative Mental Health Neutral Practitioner
Qualified Chapter 491 Supervisor
Certified Family Trauma Professional, Trained Crisis Responder, and Group Crisis Intervention


Christine specializes in personality disorders (Narcissism and Borderline), mental health disorders, addictions, ADD, OCD, co-dependency, anxiety, anger, depression, parenting, and marriage. She works one-on-one, in groups/families, or with organizations to customize relationship plans and meet the needs of her clients.

Professional Affiliations

Mental Health Counselors of Central Florida
National Association of Divorced Professionals
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida
American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children
Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals

HOST: Understanding Today’s Narcissist – podcast. Click here to listen.

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